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CSP LED Applications

Maven provides the best CSP solutions with adjustable viewing angle, wide color gamut, ultra-compact package, high reliability and long lifetime. Furthermore, we provide high-quality and customized CSP LEDs according to application needs.

CSP LED Backlighting

Chip-Scale Packaging (CSP) LED for LCD backlight has the advantages of wide color gamut, adjustable viewing angle, thin profile and high reliability. Due to its small thermal resistance, the CSP LED is suitable as a high power light source for direct-type and edge-type backlight applications in high-brightness bezel-less LCD.

Maven’s high-power phosphor-converted vertical-chip LEDs for stage and architecture lighting have the advantages of long service life, high efficiency, resistance to impact and temperature, instant energy savings and helping highlight due to its color quality characteristics.

The CSP LED has a tiny footprint, enabling easy integration into a smartphone as the camera flashlight. With the illumination of high spatial color uniformity by Maven’s CSP LED, it will be even easier to take fabulous pictures.