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Core Technology

Principles of Maven’s Thin-Film Phosphor Deposition Process

Flow – Controlled PVD Process

  • Conformal, thin, dense and uniform
  • Precise dosage control
  • Flexible phosphor selection
  • Phosphor recyclable
  • Selective deposition

Gap – Filling CVD Process

  • Seamless filling
  • Moldless forming
  • Flexible material selection

High-density Phosphor Layer

  • Layer-by-layer phosphor stacking process
  • Phosphor film with good uniformity, high color-conversion efficacy, consistency and reliability

Maven’s Proprietary Manufacturing Equipment

Thin Film Deposition Equipment

  • Proprietarily designed and developed thin film deposition equipment
  • Better control of the overall cost structure
  • Quickly expandable production capacity in response to market demand

Mass Transfer SMT Line

  • Proprietarily designed and developed Mass Transfer mounter equipment for Mini LEDs
  • High-yield and low-cost SMT line
  • Quickly expandable SMT production capacity for Mini LED light board manufacturing